Pão Orgânico chega-nos da Alemanha e apoia a UPG!!

Finally, the first, delicious gluten-free organic bread is here

A fresh, good-tasting bread is a big deal for all the baked goods in Germany. Basically, that’s true, but not for people with a gluten allergy.

Although there are now a large number of gluten-free baked goods, but as soon as you look at the ingredients in more detail, you are thinking more of drugs than a food. Not to mention the taste.

It’s actually surprising that until today there is no delicious gluten-free bread. Maybe it’s because this is very difficult to make and you have to develop a special baking recipe that works without the gluten glue.

Glutenfreie Heimat will generously donate €1c per product purchase to UPG.

Every 10 GFH products purchased will feed a child with lunch for a WHOLE week

Glutenfreie Heimat spreads the love!

With Glutenfreie Heimat every Bread/Cookie leads to a beautiful story. Since the launch of the brand, the founders engaged themselves to improve the lives of people in need. They realized that “A Little Gesture” from their side meant a significant difference for many underprivileged children and helped them realize the beautiful life story they dream of…

Glutenfreie Heimat also support the UPG School Feeding Project in SLM. The SLM – Santa Luísa de Marillac school – is a happy and vibrant school in the rural and impoverished area of Manjangue, Chokwé in the south of Mozambique. It has a student population of c.800 children aged 7-18 years. These impoverished children receive a free daily meal at school supported by UPG everyday since 2013. The project had a total budget of €43’974 in 2020, representing an annual average of €48 per child or just €4 per child monthly.